That Quiet Place Inside Us All

Image: Picnic Lunch for 800, Plum Village Meditation Retreat, France I am not the world’s greatest sitting meditator. Despite attending 2 to 3 meditation retreats a year for the past 4 years, and many of the weekly meditation sessions per month at our local meditation group, I’ve always found it almost impossible to sit down … Continue reading “That Quiet Place Inside Us All”


Last night I went to a concert in the small Pyrenean town of Sallent de Gallego. The concert was by a man called Bombino. I’d never heard of him. He was playing in the ‘Pireneos Sur’ festival here in the town, where you get to hear a different band or artist from a different corner … Continue reading “Bombino”

The Joy Of Making Peace With Uncertainty

I recently had one of my periods of disquiet where I’m not sure what on earth I’m doing with myself. I wonder whether I ‘should’ be spending my life dedicated to finding inner peace and being happy with quiet contentment, or working hard and if so how best to direct my work, and what on earth, … Continue reading “The Joy Of Making Peace With Uncertainty”