7 thoughts on “Cafe Comercial, Madrid”

  1. I think it’s just luck Christine! I didn’t see half the things in the photo until I looked later in the computer – I was just trying to take a photo of the blurred older guy in the middle, but then discovered I liked all the others in the photo much more!

  2. Recuerdo el CafĂ© Comercial. It was a meeting place with friends when I lived in Madrid. The photo is great, with nice blacks, highlights, and mid-tones. I especially love the action in the man’s arm movement in the mid-ground, and the fact that the elements in the photo can easily been from anytime as early as the 80’s to current times.

    1. Thanks Jose – that’s why I love that cafe so much, and others like it in Madrid that thankfully still exist – they are so timeless. But for how long will they be around!

  3. I’m glad your love of photography has resurfaced. We’re the beneficiaries! One thing I enjoy about your photos is their timeless quality (the choice of black and white imaging certainly adds to this). They feel as if they could be capturing a moment from decades ago — or just yesterday.

    1. I think that’s perhaps what Spain is like! So much of it still could be from a moment ago or decades ago, I love that quality so much. It shows that ‘old’ things or places are still valued, and everything doesn’t have to be constantly renewed or updated. May it stay that way!

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