Casa de Campo


Madrid’s Casa de Campo parkland, today, 9.30am. Wonderfully unkempt, dry as a bone, pine and holm oaks, rabbits and ants. It’s good to get out…

8 thoughts on “Casa de Campo”

  1. Thank you Wendy and Anne! It is actually wonderful! I’ll add an appropriate adjective to the description now, it deserves it!

  2. Your black and white landscapes remind me of silverpoint drawings, lovely and ephemeral.

    1. Thanks Christine. The funny thing is that this one, like a few others I’ve posted here recently, was taken with my relatively new Sony telephone, and edited into black and white with the phone on the spot. It’s currently my favourite camera, something I couldn’t have imagined possible a few years ago!

  3. Hi Ben. Loved your photo. It reminds me of the bosques in wintertime in Albuquerque where I grew up. Thank you for Notes in Spanish and Being Happiness!

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