Boca del Asno, Sierra de Guadarrama.

Why all these photos recently on a blog about happiness? Because sharing photos makes me happy! And I love to go out and take photos of life, which is where happiness happens!

I hope you are all having a wonderful summer.


5 thoughts on “Chiringuito”

  1. Loving your pictures. However, as I’m fascinated by Spain (thanks to yours and Marina’s podcasts) I often wish you would add just a bit more background information about the subjects of the pictures you post. Gracias, Ben!

    1. Thanks Jeri. I might do, but I quite like letting the pics speak for themselves! Or it might become again! Not that that would be a bad thing!

  2. Keep doing what you’re doing, Ben. I really enjoy your photos and share your love of digital photography.

    Starting next month, I’ll be in Madrid for about a year, and I’m thinking of establishing a photo blog as well. It encourages you to venture out and look at things with fresh eyes, doesn’t it? I suspect, like you, I’ll be inclined to let most photos speak for themselves (with an identifying caption).

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