Happy Monday!

In a talk I once attended, the speaker said, “Monday is the blueprint for the rest of the week”.

It is after all the start of the week, she explained, and how we approach and deal with Monday is obviously going to colour the rest of the week as well.

“Oh dear”, I thought, “but so many people hate Mondays!” And what she’d said seemed to make total sense! If we can’t enjoy Monday’s, where are we going to go from there? So I made a decision to really get back into Monday’s again, to celebrate Monday, and thereby start the week as I mean to go on – Happy!

So, that brings up the next question – how to enjoy Mondays?!

1. I can use the 5 reasons to be happy trick – I’ve always got at least 5 reasons to be happy (who needs more than that?) and Monday is a pretty good day to remember them.

2. When I realise that being happy on Monday is going to make me happier all week, I suddenly feel happier straight away!

3. I’m alive! And no matter what else is going on, that’s great! I think of all the great things I can do this week – people I can meet, beautiful things I can see in the outside world, places I can go, steps forward I can take with whatever I’ve got on the go. Even when life is filled with mundane or even difficult things, I’m still here, breathing, catching glimpses of the sky, the trees, people, as the day goes by. And that’s reason enough to be happy on its own.

4. It’s alwasy the present moment, Monday or not, and the present moment (where the past is gone and the future hasn’t got here yet) is always: Great.

Having a Happy Monday is a revolutionary act, and a positively revolutionary start to the week!

Happy Monday!

6 thoughts on “Happy Monday!”

  1. This morning I asked someone at work “how is it going?” and she told me “de lunes” with an ugly face and I thought “What’s wrong with mondays?” I am happy everyday of the week and I know why… It is because I am happy with me, my work and my life 🙂

    1. That’s great Olga, you are very lucky to be so happy with all those things! ‘De lunes’ is a problem in Spain, but I think the sentiment (feeling grumpy about Mondays) is unfortunately quite universal!

  2. Hey Ben! That is a great way to approach Monday’s. I think as a society, we have always been taught that the best days of the week are Friday, Saturday, and Sunday’s. However, we should be happy with everyday we get because it is a chance to live, discover new things, and enjoy life. I love the idea of setting the tone of the with with happiness for Monday’s. There is this book I picked up called, “52 Mondays: The One-Year Path to Outrageous Success & Lifelong Happiness. I think you should check it out. It could help with your quest for enjoying Mondays. Thanks to your entry, I am going to push this book up my reading list!!!

    Happy Monday!

    1. That’s a great book title Triola (sometimes just reading the title of a book is enough alone just to get an important message through and off the ground!) Happy Monday to you too! As you say, “we should be happy with everyday we get because it is a chance to live, discover new things, and enjoy life.” Quite right!

  3. I like Mondays because I can freshen the house after a weekend (tidy it, clean it after carte blanche for the two children to LIVE in it and ENJOY it for two days) and I like Fridays because I can freshen the house FOR the weekend so Monday and Friday are to me, bookends, days when my little son and I can be homely and prepare a nice environment for two days “en famille”. If we have time, knowing that everything is closed here on Mondays we can visit the church, light a candle, walk by the river and occasionally go to the “ludothèque” (an open playgroup). Usually NOBODY is at the ludothèque on a Monday which means it is calm and inducive to quiet play and I can talk for ages to the owner who is too busy to converse any other day of the week.
    Garfield hated Mondays. He has scarred a nation!

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