My sister-in-law’s baby was born this week. We all went to the hospital to meet him, and I noticed what a great effect this had on different members of the family. Aside from our great delight at his safe, happy arrival, there was a sense of reverence in the air.

My son helped my wife hold the baby, and was struck uncommonly speechless. Walking to the car afterwards with my brother-in-law (another one, not the dad), I saw how we all walked incredibly slowly, meditatively, calmly measuring our steps. Not a hurry in the world.

The Buddhist philosophers I’ve read say that a new life is like a wave rising out of the ocean of the universe. And when the busyness of everyday life is broken by the arising of another new wave, the miracle of it all stops us in our tracks for a few moments. Perhaps for a while we are reconnected with the ocean of everything from which we sprang, and into which we might one day slide again, never beginning, never ending.


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  1. Hey Ben.
    Ive not contacted you before but am now beceause too many of our interests are the same. (spain , photography , mindfulness).
    I have followed notes in spanish a lot. Thanks very much for all the podcasts! I have just seen that you are into mindfulness and photography too on this site. I love photography (see some of my stuff on flickr johnsb2012). I love that pic above of yours. The wonky sign adds to the sense of being off the beaten track! I can relate to your sense of doing too much to the extent of going round the bend and psycho/spiritual stuff from my own experience of the way I respond to my work/personal stress. I am a psychiatrist in the NHS in somerset and mindfulness and other compassion related ideas I hope will have a greater influence in the NHS as they are helpful. My motivation to learn spanish came from my cousin David marrying Maria from Elche years ago (they now have Kids Miguel and Daniel). One of the main things about Spains history that compells me is I think la guerra civil y la dictadura which resonate strongly with me through Orwells account of it and his experience. I think you would like my friend Geoffs pics of mostly spain who I think has the same affinity I think.
    I would love to compare further notes with you on staying creative mindful and well

    1. @John – Thanks for your kind comment, I’ve checked out your photos on Flickr, they are fantastic, wonderful sunsets and lanscapes! I like your friends Spain photos too. I look forward to interacting more here in the comments, thanks for taking the time to write.

  2. I’m with John. Drawn to this site because it all seems so familiar to me and it’s nice to find a kindred soul. I love the Buddhist analogy of waves and water. Waves are water, but sometimes we forget and think we are rolling along on our own—rogue waves! But we are the sea. Beautiful foto of hands and fingers.

    1. @James, Many thanks again for your comments. Yes, I love the waves and water too, it really helps me understand that whole side of Buddhist philosophy, and where perhaps we come from…

    2. Thanks for being with me James! Good helpful analogy of the sea you bring up The sea is beautiful but also can be the same time an extreem, dangerous environment, especially if you go it alone I agree with you finding a kindred soul is good. This is my first experience of contributing to a blog (proving old dogs can learn new tricks!) Thanks for having me Ben (plus your Kind words about my photos)! Heres to occasionally “being a rogue wave” (without forgetting who one really is!).

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