For my mother…

My mother died 8 years ago.  Her birthday was yesterday, the traditional first day of spring.

Dear mum,
Are you here?
Are you the flowers on the table,
Or the purple umbrella I bought
Without realising it’s the same as the one you always used to carry?
Or are you the spring rain falling outside,
Or the gathering green rising out of the earth?
Or are you a thought or a memory?
A feeling in the heart?
A special sensation never lost, you’re always there, dear mum, ever present.
It’s lovely to have you around.

9 thoughts on “For my mother…”

  1. Dear Ben, I cried when I read your beautiful poem I feel exactly the same way about my mom and husband.

  2. How beautiful Ben…we don’t die we wake up..I’m sure your mum is shining on blessed we are to have loving people in our lives x

  3. Your poem is a beautiful tribute Ben. I lost my Mum last year and her birthday was also yesterday 21st March !!
    I celebrated by sending some of her ashes up in giant helium balloons, shaped like cupcakes, from the beach near Marbella!
    We only have one Mum and it’s clear that you loved yours as much as I loved mine.
    Thanks again for sharing such lovely, heartfelt sentiments.

  4. Very moving, dear Ben! It’s beautiful and just how I feel. Thank you, as ever, wonderful brother!!

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