Smiling at Difficult Old Friends

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For a change, I thought I’d record today’s post as audio. It’s all about how to deal with dark thoughts, fears, anger, and other difficult emotions… with a smile.

9 thoughts on “Smiling at Difficult Old Friends”

  1. A wonderful post-I am already trying out your technique for dealing with “my old friend”: irritation that suddenly rises up from inside me and takes me over. Thank-you so much,

    hugs, Diane

  2. I wanted you to know that I really appreciate this audio post. As well, I’ve really liked several others, including how grief never quite leaves and arises at the oddest times, and your trying to overcome your irritation with the morning rush. I feel it all in my own life and you spoke my mind better than I could have on my own. I’ve had absolutely no one with whom to relate these feelings as my family is the “buck up and get over it” type. So it was really awesome to come upon your essays, the topics of which are so very real to me. Thanks very much. I’ll try to keep in mind your ideas for living a better and more zen life.

  3. I am really, really glad I found this blog! My husband & I are always happier when we make the choice to live simply and mindfully, but during the past few weeks as he is finishing his doctorate, interviewing for jobs, and deciding what’s next, we keep being sucked into the money/acquisition mindset. Good to be reminded about what living life really means

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